HERE AT HSSC, WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN A SHELTER. A shelter provides basic care—food, water, a clean kennel. Our commitment goes well beyond the essentials.

Our commitment to animals extends Beyond Shelter. We provide the very best in nutrition, veterinary care, enrichment, behavior support, and training. We are also committed to advancing programs and services that keep animals in their loving homes, remove barriers to placement, and promote empathy through humane education.

We rely on the dedicated efforts of hundreds of volunteers and a core staff to carry out our mission. Our values reflect a dedication to kindness and compassion for our shelter pets, but also to each other. In all that we do, we strive to maintain a positive, inclusive culture that embraces diversity and open, transparent communication with everyone who supports HSSC.

We work hard, every day, and we take our commitment to our animals seriously. (If only animals could feed themselves…it would be so easy!) We believe in celebrating our wins, saying a little prayer for our losses, and always caring. We believe that hard work can be fun, too.

Now that our renovation and expansion is complete, our focus is on maximizing our fantastic new space so we can help more animals than ever. We reach beyond our walls to support shelters across Florida and the Southeast—because our commitment to no-kill doesn't end at the county line. Fundamentally, we believe that all animals deserve an opportunity for a second chance. No matter where they live.

Beyond Shelter. That is what we do here at HSSC. Thank you for helping us reach above and beyond.

We couldn't do it without you. 


Executive Director

Please enjoy our 2021 Fall Newsletter, and thank you for your support. Click on the cover image to read the 2021 Fall Newsletter (PDF).