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 Unsung Heroes

 Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. The Humane Society of Sarasota County's volunteers generously give their time and talents, which enables HSSC to continue to save lives and expand our services for our community. With so many resources required to provide care for our animals, it would be impossible to fulfill our mission as the area's premier no-kill shelter without our volunteers. We value all of our volunteers and their efforts here at HSSC and we like to recognize the extra mile our volunteers go to ensure the health and happiness of our shelter pets.

 Meet Christine

Christine has been a volunteer at HSSC for 15+ years. Her passion for dog training has led her to work with our bigger and more difficult dogs. Thank you Christine for your dedication to our dogs, our mission, and for always assisting our staff volunteers. We are so lucky to have her!

Oliver has come a long way with Christine's help. She credits his new look on life to being able to communicate better, he was very frustrated when he first came here. Now he knows multiple commands and loves attention!

Christine attributes her success for her ability to communicate with the animals. She understands that sometimes the bad behaviors exhibited are a cry for help and attention. We all know consistency is key when learning, Christine makes the daily commitment to work with the same dogs during her shifts to help reinforce their new tricks and positive behaviors.

"I've watched Christine work with some of our harder cases and she really brings out the best in our dogs. Watching her work with Oliver was like meeting an entirely new dog. She has an unwavering amount of patience and the dogs respond to it. My favorite thing about her, she will teach and walk you through her process so we can all help reinforce the training she is doing with each dog. Adopters don't get to see the hard work that happens when they adopt a dog that will sit and stay or lay down on command. Christine helps make better shelter pets better family members when they leave the shelter."

by Alissa Jackson, HSSC Marketing Coordinator